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Banks That Don't Use Chexsystems

What banks don't use Chexsystems?

Let's face it they ALL DO!

Almost every single bank now uses Chexsystems. I was put into Chexsystems and the only way around it was that I applied here:

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The above gave me a 2nd Chance Checking account with Debit Mastercard.

The Non Chexsystems banks lists are old people. If you want to Chance using outdated lists that have been around for 10 years please feel free to do so and risk the embarrassment. Or you can go with a Bank that guarantees your Approval without ruining your credit or putting you through Chexsystems.

Why can't I get a Checking Account while in Chexsystems?

You must have overdrawn your checking account and did not pay the bank back so that closed your checking account and reported you to Chexsystems.

 If you have overdrawn your bank account the bank will send you a notice in the mail or try calling you to get you to pay up so that you have a positive balance not a negative balance. The banks aren't out to get you, they honestly do try giving you a good few weeks to settle up your account before they report you.  They just don't see a negative balance and rush off to report you to Chexsytems. They tell you first so do not ignore.

 If you choose to ignore the bank, well just like a creditor reports to a Credit Reporting Agency, the bank will report you to their "agency" and that is Chexsystems.

How Do I Know If I am In Chexsystems?

If you have applied for a Checking Account recently and the bank manager or Rep came back and told you that you were denied because you were in Chexsystems would be the most embarrassing way to find out. To avoid any embarrassment you would want to order your Chexsystems report by clicking here.



What Information is on My Chexsystems Report?

It is quite scary what is on your Chexsystems report. Your name Social Security Number, the bank that reported you, why they reported you and quite a bit more information. Click here for more details concerning what is on a Chexsystems Report.

How Long Will I be Stuck In Chexsytems?

5 LOOOONG years. Unless you were reported falsely. If so, you can dispute this by using our Chexsystems Dispute Forms. Click Here.

Is there a Way to get out of Chexsytems?

You could possibly call your bank and try to work something out. It really depends on the bank. You can ask your bank that if you pay can you please delete me from Chexsystems and see if they agree to that. You would want that agreement in writing.

We have heard of people who go out of their way to pay off their Chexsystems (bank's debt) only to still be stuck there still. No removable. So should you even bother paying them is up to you. It's all in the banks hands after they report you.  It is not up to Chexsystems to remove you. They cannot do so without the Bank's permission.

If the bank agrees to remove you from Chexsytems if you pay the debt GET IT IN WRITING. They are not obligated to do so without proof.  Chexsystems will also ask you for the proof of this and you need this again, in writing from the bank.


Hassles of being in Chexsystems:

Can you imagine not being able to have a bank account for 5 years? Not being able to write checks? Pay your bills? Using Money Orders.


The best way to stay out of Chexsystems is to make sure that your Bank Account does not get overdrawn. Do not bounce checks.

If times are tough and you so happen to overdraw your account, make sure you make every effort to work with the bank to get this back into a positive balance. Do not ignore an overdrawn bank account, you are then committing Chexsytems Suicide. With times being tough now, it would be in your best interest to work with your bank and tell them the financial problems you are going through and to work something out with them so that they do not put you in Chexsystems.

Chexsystems Alternatives

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